Jatt Life

The concept

The project was completed within 3 months and using the corporate guidelines, we generated the full design of every sign using a variety of materials and finishes. In addition to this we Project Managed each aspect of the project to ensure smooth delivery.

Hostelling Scotland is a registered charity, budget was an important consideration when specifying the signage whilst also ensuring the finished look and feel was in keeping with the client’s needs and desires.

One of the flagship Hostels ‘Glen Nevis’ had undergone a full refurb/rebuild and required innovative solutions, such as the use of timber from the building to produce some of the signs. We worked with the client and designer to create concepts that delivered their vision to take the hostelling experience to a whole new level.

To reduce the environmental impact, we shipped many of the signs to regional hubs where the client arranged local installation, this also saved a lot of money and avoided unnecessary travel.


Though race can’t help but be a theme in “Othello,” it is not the main one here; Iago’s hatred, and Othello’s susceptibility to it, seem to stem less from each man’s response to outsiderness than from their common fear of cuckoldry. (Iago imagines that Othello has slept with his wife, Emilia, here a soldier in Desdemona’s retinue, not just her maid.) In a superb performance, Gordon S. Miller (a ringer for Tony Hale of “Veep”) gives us Iago as a hypercompetent desk jockey who turns, after hours, into a vicious, fake-news-spreading incel.
That idea came into relief, in both senses, in “Little Shop” and “Private Lives,” the sour Noël Coward comedy of divorce and infidelity. But it became most obvious when the tragedy of “Othello” flipped into the comedy of “Merry Wives.”